Welcome to the Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center

The Center for Student Counseling (Psychotherapeutische Beratungsstelle) at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is open to all the university’s students. We provide professional psychotherapeutic help in dealing with specific problems that may occur while you are at university.

The variety of services we offer includes:

  • Near-term help for students in crisis
  • Targeted diagnostics to identify problems
  • Individual counseling, coaching and short-term psychotherapy
  • Counseling during promotion and habilitation
  • Special consultation hours for learning and performance difficulties (only available in German)
  • Courses on common issues (only available in German)

Our services are provided by the University of Mainz and are free of charge for its students. The Club of Sponsors of the Center for Student Counseling at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz provides additional support for the work of the Center.

The team of counselors is legally obliged to keep any information and all conversations confidential and is bound to an oath of secrecy.